Interpersonal Group Therapy

Victoria offers a Yalom-style interpersonal group therapy opportunity once a year. The group is open to men and women, and is focused on using the group member’s perceptions and experiences to help each other group member learn how his or her personality and behaviours affect others. Group members can expect to receive honest feedback on how they affect others and develop insight into effective and ineffective personality traits.

The ultimate goal of the group is to increase each group member’s social effectiveness and ability to form and maintain close and healthy interpersonal relationships.

The program is run in small group format (max 10 participants). Sessions last for 1.5 hours and are held weekly. The group meeting times are after hours to allow for working professionals to attend.

For example, group therapy can help individuals increase their ability to be honest and assertive, as well as practice relationship skills that can generalize to their personal relationships. People who have participated in group therapy often say that group therapy has helped them:

· Learn to express their thoughts and feelings more honestly

· Learn how they come across to others

· Learn to say what is bothering them rather than holding it in

· Discover and accept previously unknown or unacceptable parts of themselves

· Further develop trust of groups and other people

· Learn that they are not the only one with their kind of problem(s)

· Learn some of the causes and sources of their problems

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